Keystage Consulting is a company established in 2012 in Belgium. Its founding members form a core team focusing on Business Management Consultancy, Project Management and Processes and Recruitment Services. Their years of service in various industries cumulate in over 60 years of experience in providing best of breed solutions for their customers. The formation of the company was completed in order to reinforce the quality of the services provided and to provide a platform for expansion while ensuring the quality of service was maintained at the elevated level our clients have come to expect.

Industry Expertise

The founding members of KeyStage Consulting bring with them over 60 years of experience drawn from within the Information Technology and Manufacturing & Supply Chain sectors.


This experience allows them to apply best of breed practices across a variety of business domains

Each of the core service domains offered by KeyStage Consulting is driven by one of the managing partner within the company using their knowledge of how best to provide quality of service from both the parent company as its sub-contractors



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